Make Money Writing Fanfiction


There are many individual who love writing fanfiction or fanfics as a hobby. And there are a lot of individuals out there who are already writing fanfiction about their favorite anime, TV shows, or even movie series. However, a lot of those who write fanfiction are actually not making money out of it. And the reason is because they either do not know how to make money out of it, or they have not even thought that they can make money out of writing fanfiction.

There are also many people today who do not even know what fanfiction is or have not every heard it before. Fanfiction is simple terms is a creation of fictional content which is based on an already existing storyline. For example, if you have a favorite anime or TV show, you take the characters from these shows and write your own story within the same context. In this type of writing you simply let your creativity flow.

Making money writing fanfiction is easy. You can do this by writing your fanfiction on a blog site that makes money. These blog sites are commonly referred to as money sites where you drive traffic and here people will start clicking things and even buying stuff. You should carefully consider this. If you love writing fanfiction then you can make money out of it from these blog sites.

The concept is very simple. This is the same as how magazines, TV programs and other media are making money. Most of them make money through the advertising revenue. People read or watch materials and then commercials are shown. You can take this same concept into a blog.

So what you can do is to write your hidden love fanfiction about your favorite series and post it on your blog, and get people to your site. It can be simple and easy if you really know what you are doing.

It is not difficult to start a blog. If you are already experienced in writing fanfiction or writing in general, you can easily do it. It is just the same way as journalists make big money. You can just as easily start a WordPRess blog, pick a theme, install some plugins, and start writing. All you need to work on is getting more people to read your stories. For more facts and information about fan fiction, you can go to

There are a lot of people today who make a lot of money writing travel blogs, fashion blogs, or even food blogs, and all they do is write about their passions. So you can also do the same with writing fanfiction on a blog. Since you love writing fanfiction, why not earn some money of them?

You don’t really need technical knowledge in web design to start a fanfiction blog. Just keep writing to your heart’s delight. Be creative and share your fanfiction to everyone, click here to get started!


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